Respirator Classic

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Filtering half face-piece respirator with valve, EN149:2001+ A1:2009, FFP3 NR D, 5pcs./box, 60pcs./shipping carton
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Respirator Classic

The DACH Classic series of protective respirators stands out with its remarkable established ergonomic form-fit that integrates comfort, safety, hygiene, practicality, reliability and design. This respirator of protection class FFP3 NR D offers reliable protection against dusts, bacteria, viruses and less toxic substances; and protects the applicant from hazardous substances with a concentration that may be 30-times higher than the standardized OEL-value. With the integrated exhalation valve you will be able to catch a breath – even under physically challenging operations. This state-of-the-art valve prohibits heat and humidity accumulation in the mask by allowing the exhalation air to exit, maintaining a perfect barrier against harmful substances in the environment, by prohibiting air and substances from entering the mask from the outside. Maximum protection for your respiratory system and no maintenance requirements – easy and safe due to single use. Complies with all relevant standards and exceeds the required performance criteria with outstanding test results. All benefits at a glance: • Traditional fit for simple handling • Stable and robust high-quality shell structure – established design • Dolomite-test ensures maximum breathing comfort • Latex-free material prevents allergic reactions • Excellent test results guarantee reliable protection • Flexible nose clip ensures the perfect fit • Skin-friendly and comfortable sealing-lip ensures perfect closure and maximum protection • Exhalation valve for safe and easy breathing – prevents heat accumulation • Extremely low breathing resistance for maximum comfort • Liquid-repellent outer layer increases the protection against aqueous solutions • Color coding for quick recognition of the protection level Application e.g.: • Bacteria and Viruses (Risk group 3) • Multi-resistant tuberculosis pathogens • Cytostatics • Medical and pharmaceutical laboratories • Asbestos from 50,000 fibers per m3 • Silver, platinum, nickel • High-alloy steel, steel anti-fouling coating • Chrome smoke, colors with chromates

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